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01-06-20 (17:29)   DC's Dark Knight investigates Killer Moth's death in Batman: Gotham Nights #7 preview (GamesRadar)
22-05-20 (07:10)   The Batman Star Jeffrey Wright Says New Movie Is "Next Evolution" Of Gotham (GameSpot)
16-05-20 (14:58)   BATWOMAN Season 2 Synopsis Promises To Kick Off With A "Game-Changer" For Gotham And The Bat-Family (Comic Book Movie)
13-05-20 (19:03)   Pluto Unleashed? Quarantine-Inspired Puppy Lands "Two-Legged" Hollywood Reps In Gotham Group (Deadline.com)
11-05-20 (23:04)   'The Batman' Will Have a Darker, Brooding Defender of Gotham, Confirms Co-Star Andy Serkis (SlashFilm)
11-05-20 (03:09)   Batwoman: Why Hush Came to Gotham City (Den of Geek)
04-05-20 (18:24)   Batwoman 'If You Believe in Me, I'll Believe in You' recap: All of Kate's exes live in Gotham (Syfy Wire)
30-04-20 (16:49)   Jada Pinkett Smith Says Being in Quarantine Makes Her and Will Get to Know Each Other Again (AceShowbiz.com)
29-04-20 (21:31)   Why Jada Pinkett Smith Feels Like She Doesn't "Know" Will Smith After 22 Years of Marriage (E! Online)
28-04-20 (14:23)   Batwoman: How Sophie Moore is Finding Her Own Way in Gotham (Den of Geek)
23-04-20 (00:00)   Steve Buscemi, AnnaSophia Robb, Cory Booker to Read Aloud Children's Books for Series 'Gotham Reads' (TheWrap.com)
22-04-20 (21:18)   Gotham Group Launches Kid-Focused Reading Channel on YouTube Featuring Writers, Artists and Stars (Hollywood Reporter)
22-04-20 (21:03)   The Gotham Group Launches YouTube Reading Series 'Gotham Reads' For Quarantined Kids (Deadline.com)
16-04-20 (14:03)   Coping With COVID-19 Crisis: Deepak & Gotham Chopra's New Podcast 'Now For Tomorrow' Is A Father-Son Mission Offering Advice & Hope (Deadline.com)
11-04-20 (17:31)   Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Something About Her Eyes That Will Make You Look Twice (E! Online)
11-04-20 (08:20)   Jada Pinkett Smith Proud of Willow for Decision to Stop Smoking Marijuana (AceShowbiz.com)
09-04-20 (22:12)   THE BATMAN Director Matt Reeves On How The Movie Deals With The Hero's Origin And Gotham's Corruption (Comic Book Movie)
09-04-20 (00:20)   Jada Pinkett Smith Fears of Falling Into Old Drinking Habits During Covid-19 Lockdown (AceShowbiz.com)
08-04-20 (18:58)   ZLONK! ZOK! ZOWIE! EXCLUSIVE Interview: Writer Jim Beard Compares Gotham City To His Hometown Of Toledo (Comic Book Movie)
06-04-20 (15:41)   ZLONK ZOK ZOWIE EXCLUSIVE Interview: GOTHAM CITY: 14 Miles' Jim Beard Discusses His New Book (Comic Book Movie)
03-04-20 (20:38)   Barbara Gordon will join Titans as Season 3 returns to Gotham, director reveals (Syfy Wire)
02-04-20 (22:32)   Gotham Group To Develop Film On Scandalous Socialite Wallis Simpson Based On Anna Pasternak Book 'The American Duchess' (Deadline.com)
31-03-20 (03:54)   Harley Quinn's Season 2 Premiere Is a No Man's Land of Fucked-Up Fun (Gizmodo)
19-03-20 (04:07)   I Am Legend virus misinformation inspires Will Smith to spread coronavirus truth (Syfy Wire)
18-03-20 (22:58)   KNIVES OUT Star Ana de Armas Imagined As GOTHAM CITY SIRENS' Poison Ivy In Cool New Fan-Art (Comic Book Movie)
13-03-20 (17:46)   Coronavirus Impacting Hollywood Offices: Gotham Group, UTA, ICM Partners Latest To Mandate Working From Home - Update (Deadline.com)
12-03-20 (01:53)   WIRE Buzz: Global entertainment market tops $100B; The Brides fills out; more (Syfy Wire)
11-03-20 (17:58)   The Brides - Erin Richards To Star (Spoiler TV)
11-03-20 (17:10)   'Gotham' Alum Erin Richards Joins Vampire Drama Pilot 'The Brides' at ABC (Variety)
11-03-20 (17:03)   'The Brides': Erin Richards To Star In Dracula Reimagining ABC Pilot (Deadline.com)
11-03-20 (17:03)   Gotham's Erin Richards Set as One of Dracula's Brides in ABC Pilot (TVLine)
10-03-20 (19:40)   Black Lightning's Season 3 Finale Was a Family Affair at the End of the World (Gizmodo)
05-03-20 (18:03)   Jada Pinkett Smith & Will Smith's Westbrook Hires Eli Shibley As Head Of International Film & Television (Deadline.com)
27-02-20 (20:49)   Snoop Dogg's Mom Approves of His Interview With Jada Pinkett Smith (AceShowbiz.com)
27-02-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which live-action DC show is the all time best? (Spoiler TV)
27-02-20 (06:20)   Jada Pinkett Smith Dragged Over Snoop Dogg Interview on 'Red Table Talk' (AceShowbiz.com)
27-02-20 (04:10)   5 Things We Learned From Snoop Dogg's 'Red Table Talk' Interview (Variety)
24-02-20 (04:49)   Jada Pinkett Smith Admits Her Heart Dropped After Hearing Snoop Dogg's Attack on Gayle King (AceShowbiz.com)
23-02-20 (23:31)   Jada Pinkett Smith Has "Healing" Conversation About Gayle King With Snoop Dogg in New Red Table Talk (E! Online)
20-02-20 (22:27)   HARLEY QUINN: BIRDS OF PREY Before & After VFX Shots Reveal How Gotham City Was Brought To Life (Comic Book Movie)
14-02-20 (11:41)   THE BATMAN Star Jeffrey Wright Teases A Possible Look At Gotham City's New Bat-Signal (Comic Book Movie)
11-02-20 (18:09)   The Team Behind Gotham's New Fairy Tale Anthology Tells Us Why Damian Wayne Is the Perfect Pinocchio (Gizmodo)
10-02-20 (15:21)   Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's World Tour Series Gets $200 Million Sponsor (Billboard.com)
08-02-20 (20:41)   BIRDS OF PREY Reveals A Surprising Secret About Gotham City's Superhero History - SPOILERS (Comic Book Movie)
06-02-20 (20:04)   Fox 21 Signs First-Look TV Deal With 'Maze Runner' Producer Gotham Group (Hollywood Reporter)
06-02-20 (19:46)   The Gotham Group Inks First-Look Deal With Fox 21 Television Studios (Deadline.com)
06-02-20 (19:43)   Gotham Group Signs Multi-Year First-Look Deal With Fox 21 Television Studios (TheWrap.com)
06-02-20 (19:41)   Gotham Group Sets First-Look Deal With Fox 21 Television Studios (Variety)
31-01-20 (22:36)   Why Margot Robbie chose Birds of Prey over Gotham City Sirens (Looper)
31-01-20 (05:58)   EDITORIAL: How GOTHAM Managed To Be A Very Flawed But Fascinating Show (Comic Book Movie)
30-01-20 (23:53)   Awards Contender: Inside the design of Joker's Gotham, a nightmare based on the comics (Syfy Wire)
29-01-20 (17:33)   Gotham Group Nabs Remake Rights to Italian Horror Pic 'The Nest' (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
29-01-20 (01:24)   Margot Robbie Chose Birds Of Prey Instead Of Gotham City Sirens For A Specific Reason (GameSpot)
28-01-20 (21:58)   BIRDS OF PREY Star Margot Robbie Reveals Why She Chose That Movie Over GOTHAM CITY SIRENS (Comic Book Movie)
28-01-20 (02:46)   'Rafiki' Helmer Wanuri Kahiu To Direct Gotham Group's YA Adaptation 'The Black Kids' (Deadline.com)
25-01-20 (00:10)   'Grand Horizons': Theater Review (Variety)
23-01-20 (16:13)   With Grand Horizons, Ben McKenzie Is Getting Back Into Theater (Vulture)
23-01-20 (09:20)   Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Red Table Talk' Gets Renewed Through 2022, Lands Spin-Off for Gloria Estefan (AceShowbiz.com)
22-01-20 (22:18)   Comics Watch: A New Gotham Comes Into Focus in 'Batman' (Hollywood Reporter)
22-01-20 (17:33)   Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Red Table Talk' Gets Multiyear Renewal, Spinoff at Facebook Watch (Hollywood Reporter)
22-01-20 (17:14)   Facebook Watch Orders Gloria Estefan-Led 'Red Table Talk' Spinoff, Renews Jada Pinkett Smith's for 3 Years (TheWrap.com)
22-01-20 (17:10)   Facebook Renews Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Red Table Talk' Through 2022, Greenlights Gloria Estefan Offshoot (Variety)
22-01-20 (17:03)   Facebook Renews Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Red Table Talk' Through 2022, Orders Spinoff Series With Gloria Estefan (Deadline.com)
20-01-20 (04:17)   'Batwoman' Comes Out: Ruby Rose's CW Superhero Tells Gotham She's A Lesbian (Deadline.com)
20-01-20 (02:30)   The Batman Set Video Shows Off Gotham City PD and Pattinson's First Look (TVOvermind)
14-01-20 (14:21)   Will & Jada Pinkett Smith to Produce World Tour With Music's Biggest Names & The First Performer Is... (Billboard.com)
13-01-20 (21:16)   Will Smith Was "Deeply" Insecure About Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac's Relationship (E! Online)
09-01-20 (15:40)   The Long-Awaited Flash Movie Might Be Based on Flashpoint After All (Gizmodo)
08-01-20 (20:58)   SUICIDE SQUAD Director David Ayer Was Offered The Sequel; Shares Update On GOTHAM CITY SIRENS (Comic Book Movie)
06-01-20 (19:51)   The Batman set photos offer first look at Gotham City (Looper)
05-01-20 (16:14)   Todd Phillips Would Like to See a Batman Movie Set in Joker's Gotham (IGN.com)
20-12-19 (21:38)   Birds of Prey filmmakers say unreliable narrator Harley Quinn sets the tone: 'It's not Bruce Wayne's Gotham' (Syfy Wire)
18-12-19 (20:43)   How 'Joker' Designer Mapped Gotham With a Touch of DC Comics and a Lot of Old NYC Squalor (Map) (TheWrap.com)
12-12-19 (20:24)   Want a Career in the Arts? Build a Community (Guest Column) (Variety)
11-12-19 (17:40)   Which Gotham Will We See in Birds of Prey? (Den of Geek)
11-12-19 (06:20)   Jada Pinkett Smith's Mom Calls Out the Kardashian Sisters Over Jordyn Woods (AceShowbiz.com)
07-12-19 (03:44)   Peter Sarsgaard Drives Up the Population of Gotham As Latest Batman Addition (Vulture)
04-12-19 (02:47)   Feinberg Forecast: The Oscar Race Post-Gotham Awards Ceremony and NBR Awards Announcement (Hollywood Reporter)
03-12-19 (23:03)   Adam Driver Gets Extra Boost in Oscars Race With Big Win at Gotham Awards (AceShowbiz.com)
03-12-19 (17:04)   Gotham Awards: Netflix Makes Big Strides With Indie Community (Hollywood Reporter)
03-12-19 (14:49)   Jada Pinkett Smith Admits to Losing Herself in Supporting Will Smith's Career (AceShowbiz.com)
03-12-19 (07:46)   'PEN15? Co-Creator & Star Anna Konkle Reacts To Series' Gotham Award (Deadline.com)
03-12-19 (07:03)   Gotham Awards: 'Marriage Story' Victories Cap Big Netflix Night - Complete Winners List (Deadline.com)
03-12-19 (06:24)   'Marriage Story's' Big Night at Gotham Awards Could Mean More Oscar, Golden Globe Traction (Variety)
03-12-19 (06:08)   2019 Gotham Awards: See the full list of winners (EW.com)
03-12-19 (05:13)   Marriage Story Locks Down Four Wins at 2019 Gotham Awards (Vulture)
03-12-19 (04:55)   'Marriage Story' Sweeps Gotham Awards, Winning Best Feature (Variety)
03-12-19 (04:33)   'Marriage Story' Sweeps Gotham Awards; Full Winners List (Hollywood Reporter)
03-12-19 (04:32)   Gotham Awards: 'Marriage Story' Win For Best Feature Caps Big Netflix Night (Deadline.com)
03-12-19 (04:29)   'Marriage Story' Dominates Gotham Awards 2019: The Complete Winners List (TheWrap.com)
03-12-19 (04:02)   Gotham Awards 2019: See Every Star as They Arrive on the Red Carpet (E! Online)
03-12-19 (02:33)   Gotham Awards: Will Ferrell, Jennifer Lopez, Adam Sandler, Elisabeth Moss and More Stars Hit the Red Carpet (Hollywood Reporter)
02-12-19 (23:10)   Watch the Gotham Awards Live Stream (Variety)
29-11-19 (17:55)   IFP Gotham Awards Gets Animated About TV Offerings (Variety)
29-11-19 (17:41)   IFP Boss Jeffrey Sharp Wants the Gotham Awards to Have a Broader Reach (Variety)
26-11-19 (05:34)   Jada Pinkett Smith: Willow and I Have to Educate Will About His Insensitive Comments (AceShowbiz.com)
25-11-19 (19:03)   We'll Always Have Paris: Netflix Seals Long Term Deal To Keep Gotham's Last Single-Screen Picture Palace Alive (Deadline.com)
20-11-19 (20:43)   Redheaded Guys Who Are Not The Hero Of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Ranked (Kotaku)
16-11-19 (00:00)   Gotham's Joker Cameron Monaghan Reacts to Joaquin Phoenix Movie (IGN.com)
14-11-19 (21:54)   Looking back to 2014 and LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (TheXboxHub)
14-11-19 (21:10)   Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's Westbrook Media Taps Dana Currier, Ashley McCollum for Key Roles (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
12-11-19 (19:41)   'Gotham' Star Ben McKenzie to Make Broadway Debut in 'Grand Horizons' (Variety)
05-11-19 (23:52)   Jada Pinkett Smith & Her Technicolor Faux Fur Coat Brighten Up Gloomy NYC Day (Billboard.com)
24-10-19 (19:44)   Marriage Story and Uncut Gems Lead Gotham Awards Nominations: (Vulture)
24-10-19 (16:33)   Gotham Awards: 'Marriage Story,' 'The Farewell,' 'Uncut Gems' Lead Nominations (Hollywood Reporter)
24-10-19 (16:24)   'Marriage Story,' 'The Farewell,' 'Uncut Gems' Lead Gotham Awards Nominations (Variety)
24-10-19 (16:14)   'Marriage Story,' 'The Farewell,' 'Uncut Gems' Top Gotham Award Nominations (TheWrap.com)
21-10-19 (21:07)   Step by step, the stairs from Joker have become a popular spot for fans in New York (Syfy Wire)
21-10-19 (17:55)   Jimmy Olsen is now the Jake Paul of Gotham City, so Batman punched him (Polygon)
21-10-19 (03:27)   BATWOMAN: Gotham Could Use A Woman's Touch In The New Promo For Season 1, Episode 4: "Who Are You?" (Comic Book Movie)
17-10-19 (21:28)   Jada Pinkett Smith in talks to return to the 'Matrix' series (Mashable)
17-10-19 (15:23)   Jonah Hill Is No Longer Headed to Matt Reeves' Gotham City (Gizmodo)
17-10-19 (14:40)   Batman and Bane Fight for the Fate of Gotham City (Den of Geek)
16-10-19 (21:29)   How Joker Recast Thomas Wayne as Gotham's Villain (IGN.com)
16-10-19 (19:24)   WIRE Buzz: Jada Pinkett Smith eyes Matrix return; Korg rumbles back for Thor: Love and Thunder; more (Syfy Wire)
16-10-19 (08:25)   The Matrix 4 Casts Neil Patrick Harris, Jada Pinkett Smith in Talks to Return: Reports (Gadgets 360)
16-10-19 (06:29)   The Matrix 4: Jada Pinkett Smith in Talks to Return (IGN.com)
16-10-19 (03:58)   THE MATRIX 4: Jada Pinkett Smith Reportedly In Negotiations To Reprise The Role Of Niobe (Comic Book Movie)
16-10-19 (03:44)   Jada Pinkett Smith Might Return to The Matrix (Vulture)
16-10-19 (03:43)   Jada Pinkett Smith in Talks to Return to 'The Matrix' Franchise for Sequel (TheWrap.com)
11-10-19 (18:41)   Fortnite Season 10 | Where Are The Visitor Recordings In Gotham City And Starry Suburbs? (Out Of Time Challenges) (GameSpot)
11-10-19 (16:24)   Fortnite Guide: Visitor Recording Locations In Starry Suburbs And Gotham City (Season 10 Out Of Time Challenge) (GameSpot)
11-10-19 (01:55)   Fortnite Visitor Recording Locations: Starry Suburbs And Gotham City (Season 10 Out Of Time Challenge) (GameSpot)
10-10-19 (23:10)   Fortnite Season 10 | Where Are The Gotham City And Starry Suburb Visitor Tapes? (Out Of Time Challenges) (GameSpot)
10-10-19 (22:55)   Fortnite Visitor Recording Locations In Starry Suburbs And Gotham City (Season 10 Out Of Time Challenge) (GameSpot)
10-10-19 (19:24)   Fortnite Visitor Recordings In Starry Suburbs And Gotham City (Season 10 Out Of Time Challenge) (GameSpot)
10-10-19 (14:54)   Fortnite: How and Where to Collect the Visitor Tape Recording in Gotham City Location (Fortnite Insider)
10-10-19 (12:12)   BATWOMAN: The Bat-Signal Lights Up Gotham City In Season 1, Episodes 4 Stills; "Who Are You?" (Comic Book Movie)
09-10-19 (01:30)   10 Things You Didn't Know about Victoria Cartagena (TVOvermind)
07-10-19 (18:24)   Batwoman 'Pilot': Not your father's Gotham City (Syfy Wire)
03-10-19 (23:14)   Gotham City Comes Alive Thanks to Incredible Batman Statues (IGN.com)
03-10-19 (20:07)   Batwoman: New look shows us everyone wants a piece of Gotham's newest protector (Syfy Wire)
02-10-19 (18:10)   Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's Westbrook Media Inks Production Deal With Topgolf Studios (Variety)
01-10-19 (21:47)   How 'Birds of Prey' Is Building Gotham's Future (Hollywood Reporter)
01-10-19 (18:41)   'Birds of Prey' Trailer: Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn Leads Gotham's Women to 'Emancipation' (Variety)
26-09-19 (23:41)   20th's Terence Carter to Head Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith's Westbrook Studios (Variety)
26-09-19 (21:18)   Gotham Awards: Laura Dern, FilmNation CEO to Be Honored at 2019 Ceremony (Hollywood Reporter)
26-09-19 (20:25)   Fortnite: Bat Signal locations outside of Gotham City (PC Gamer)
26-09-19 (18:43)   Laura Dern and Glen Basner to Be Honored at 2019 IFP Gotham Awards (TheWrap.com)
26-09-19 (18:10)   Laura Dern, Glen Basner Selected for Gotham Awards Honors (Variety)
25-09-19 (18:41)   NYFF Docs Illuminate Gotham's Hidden Byways (Variety)
24-09-19 (23:40)   Batman: James Tynion IV's Story Will Focus on "Rebuilding Gotham" (Den of Geek)
24-09-19 (23:04)   How 'The Batman' Cast Will Shape a New Gotham (Hollywood Reporter)
24-09-19 (03:09)   Gotham's Next Commissioner Gordon May Be Westworld's Jeffrey Wright (Gizmodo)
24-09-19 (02:27)   Jonah Hill Reportedly In Talks to Terrorize Gotham in Robert Pattinson's Batman (Vulture)
23-09-19 (21:41)   All Fortnite Bat Signal Locations - Where To Light Different Signals Outside Of Gotham City (GameSpot)
23-09-19 (16:10)   Fortnite Bat Signal Locations - Where To Light Different Signals Outside Of Gotham City (GameSpot)
23-09-19 (15:14)   New Batman Creative Team on the Challenge of 'Rebuilding' Gotham City (IGN.com)
23-09-19 (05:44)   Fortnite X Batman is Live With New Gotham City Zone (GamingBolt)
22-09-19 (19:55)   Fortnite Bat Signal Locations Guide: Where To Light Bat Signals Outside Of Gotham City (GameSpot)
22-09-19 (17:07)   Batman Makes His Way to Fortnite to Celebrate 80th Anniversary, Tilted Town Turned Into Gotham City (PlayStation LifeStyle)
22-09-19 (04:13)   Explore Gotham City in Fortnite-Batman Crossover, Now Live (Hardcore Gamer)
22-09-19 (03:23)   Save Gotham City In Fortnite's Batman Anniversary Event (Nintendo Life)
22-09-19 (01:00)   Will Smith Squirms When Wife Jada Pinkett Smith Confronts Him About His Drinking (Video) (TheWrap.com)
21-09-19 (21:40)   Fortnite Welcome to Gotham City Challenges Cheat Sheet Map - Bat Signals Locations (Fortnite Insider)
21-09-19 (19:27)   Batman comes to 'Fortnite' along with Catwoman and Gotham City (Engadget)
21-09-19 (19:24)   Fortnite Bat Signal Locations: Where To Light Bat Signals Outside Of Gotham City (GameSpot)
21-09-19 (15:59)   'Fortnite' heads to Gotham City in new Fortnite x Batman event (Mashable)
21-09-19 (15:37)   Fortnite's New Batman Event Has Replaced Tilted Town with Gotham City (DualShockers)
21-09-19 (15:09)   Fortnite Bat Signals Locations - How and Where to light up different Bat Signals outside of Gotham City (Fortnite Insider)
21-09-19 (15:00)   Fortnite's Batman Event Turns Tilted Town Into Gotham City (Kotaku)
21-09-19 (14:43)   Fortnite: Welcome to Gotham City Challenges and Rewards (IGN.com)
21-09-19 (14:35)   Batman has landed in Fortnite and Tilted Town has been transformed into Gotham City (Eurogamer.net)
21-09-19 (14:23)   Fortnite X Batman Welcome to Gotham City Challenges and Rewards Now Available (Fortnite Insider)
21-09-19 (14:09)   Fortnite X Batman Revealed - Challenges, Rewards, Skins, Cosmetics, Gotham City POI & More (Fortnite Insider)
20-09-19 (23:38)   Exclusive: Gotham's history revealed in Batman: Curse of the White Knight #3 (Syfy Wire)
20-09-19 (21:54)   New Fortnite x Batman Gotham City Leaked Buildings (Fortnite Insider)
20-09-19 (00:04)   Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's Westbrook Signs Development Deal With Germany's Telepool (Hollywood Reporter)
19-09-19 (09:55)   Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's Westbrook Inks Development Pact With Telepool (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
19-09-19 (00:09)   Fortnite X Batman Collaboration - Start date, skins, cosmetics, weapons/items & Welcome to Gotham City Challenges (Fortnite Insider)
18-09-19 (17:45)   Fortnite X Batman leaks reveal a glider, Gotham City map, and an explosive 'Batarang' (PCGamesN.com)
18-09-19 (14:38)   Datamine Leak Indicates a Batman Crossover Will Bring Gotham to Fortnite (PlayStation LifeStyle)
18-09-19 (10:54)   Fortnite X Batman Collaboration "Welcome To Gotham City" Challenges Leaked (Fortnite Insider)
17-09-19 (15:55)   NBCUniversal Unveils Originals Slate, Name For Streaming Service (Variety)
16-09-19 (17:12)   JOKER: Joaquin Phoenix Unleashes The Clown Prince Of Crime On Gotham In New Photos (Comic Book Movie)
13-09-19 (23:10)   'Silicon Valley' Creators Developing Match.com Origin Series at TBS (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
12-09-19 (19:53)   Joker could laugh its way to one of the biggest R-rated openings of all time with $90 million (Syfy Wire)
12-09-19 (17:33)   Gotham Awards: Ava DuVernay, Sam Rockwell Set for Tributes (Hollywood Reporter)
12-09-19 (17:14)   Ava DuVernay and Sam Rockwell to Be Honored at 2019 IFP Gotham Awards (TheWrap.com)
12-09-19 (17:10)   Ava DuVernay, Sam Rockwell to Receive Gotham Awards Honors (Variety)
11-09-19 (19:33)   How DC's 'Gotham City Monsters' Could Translate to the Big Screen (Hollywood Reporter)
06-09-19 (00:41)   Film Exec Jon Mone Named Co-President of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's Westbrook Studios (Variety)
06-09-19 (00:18)   Jon Mone to Head Film Production at Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith's Westbrook Studios (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
01-09-19 (14:12)   BATWOMAN: Kate Kane Is Ready To Play By Her Own Rules As Gotham's New Vigilante In This Teaser Trailer (Comic Book Movie)
31-08-19 (20:38)   Early 'Joker' reviews laugh in triumph at haunting, awards-worthy turn from Joaquin Phoenix (Syfy Wire)
30-08-19 (22:53)   Young Harley Quinn raises hell in Gotham for DC INK's Breaking Glass graphic novel (Syfy Wire)
30-08-19 (01:44)   Stop Armageddon or Save Gotham with PlayStation Plus's Free September Games (Hardcore Gamer)
28-08-19 (18:25)   Joker Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Turns Into the Famous Clown in '80s Gotham (Gadgets 360)
21-08-19 (20:41)   Gerard Butler on Morgan Freeman's 'Angel Has Fallen' Stunts: 'I Was Running That Guy All Over the Place' (Variety)
17-08-19 (23:10)   Listen: 'Pennyworth' Executive Producer Talks Delving into Alfred's Backstory (Variety)
16-08-19 (23:38)   When it came to getting inside Joker's head, Joaquin Phoenix had an easier time than most (Syfy Wire)
08-08-19 (00:16)   The Five Best Jada Pinkett Smith Movies of Her Career (TVOvermind)
06-08-19 (01:55)   Gotham City Has Fallen In This First Look Preview Of Batman #76 (GameSpot)
02-08-19 (05:10)   Film News Roundup: Gotham Awards Set Date for 2019 Ceremonies (Variety)
24-07-19 (22:53)   WIRE Buzz: Catherine Hardwicke leads Heathen; Batman once again White Knights Gotham (Syfy Wire)
19-07-19 (23:05)   Top Of The Table - Batman: Gotham City Chronicles (GameInformer.com)
15-07-19 (22:12)   BATWOMAN Poster Sets The Stage For A New Caped Crusader In Gotham City (Comic Book Movie)
11-07-19 (00:21)   Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Unveil Family Media Venture Westbrook Inc. (Billboard.com)
10-07-19 (18:33)   Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Unveil New Family Shingle, Westbrook Inc. (Hollywood Reporter)
10-07-19 (18:14)   Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Launch Multimedia Company Westbrook Inc (TheWrap.com)
10-07-19 (18:10)   Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Launch Multimedia Venture (Variety)
08-07-19 (23:07)   Jada Pinkett Smith Shares Sweet Birthday Message for Son Jaden (Billboard.com)
08-07-19 (21:24)   Exclusive: The Riddler awakens in Gotham Season 5 deleted scene (Syfy Wire)
04-07-19 (03:30)   Five Awesome Fight Scenes From Gotham (TVOvermind)
23-06-19 (18:58)   GOTHAM Concept Art Featuring Cameron Monaghan's Joker Will Haunt Your Nightmares (Comic Book Movie)
19-06-19 (19:04)   Comic-Con: Batman and Gotham City Get Lego Exclusive Treatment (First Look) (Hollywood Reporter)
18-06-19 (08:05)   Tiffany Haddish presents Jada Pinkett Smith with Trailblazer Award at 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards (Looper)
18-06-19 (05:24)   Inside the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards With Dwayne Johnson, Jada Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Haddish (Variety)
18-06-19 (04:18)   MTV Movie & TV Awards: Jada Pinkett Smith Talks "Internal Obstacles" While Accepting Trailblazer Award (Hollywood Reporter)
16-06-19 (19:04)   MTV Movie & TV Awards: Dwayne Johnson, Jada Pinkett Smith Celebrated Among Peers (Hollywood Reporter)
12-06-19 (14:27)   Jada Pinkett Smith Might Be the Best Reason to Keep Your Facebook Account (Vulture)
11-06-19 (21:41)   Jada Pinkett Smith to Receive 'Trailblazer' Honor at 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
07-06-19 (22:24)   Behind the Panel: Becky Cloonan on Gotham Academy, indie comics and the Silver Surfer (Syfy Wire)
04-06-19 (20:53)   The Batman will focus on Caped Crusader's early days on the job as Gotham City hero (Syfy Wire)
21-05-19 (16:53)   Exclusive: Robin Lord Taylor breaks down Penguin's Gotham journey in DC TV clip (Syfy Wire)
16-05-19 (19:42)   'Batwoman' Trailer: Kate Kane Will Not Fail Gotham City (Collider)
16-05-19 (18:58)   BATWOMAN: First Trailer For Solo CW Series Sees Ruby Rose Suit-Up As Gotham's New Protector (Comic Book Movie)
05-05-19 (02:16)   The Evolution of Gotham Since Its First Episode (TVOvermind)
02-05-19 (21:41)   BATMAN VS. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES First Clip Sees The Heroes In A Half Shell Descend On Gotham City (Comic Book Movie)
29-04-19 (00:24)   Marvel stories to cry over after watching Avengers: Endgame (Syfy Wire)
27-04-19 (01:27)   GOTHAM: Come Get Your Best Look At BATMAN From The Series Finale In These Two Officially Released Stills (Comic Book Movie)
26-04-19 (23:24)   The end is the beginning for Gotham (Hotchka)
26-04-19 (18:24)   Exclusive clip: Gotham writer explains how the show ties into Batman's comics history (Syfy Wire)
26-04-19 (18:24)   The Week in Geek: Everything is ending! Avengers: Endgame, Gotham, and Game of Thrones (Syfy Wire)
26-04-19 (18:24)   Gotham producers break down the odds for more Batman, Catwoman post-finale (Syfy Wire)
26-04-19 (17:43)   TV Ratings Report: Gotham Hits All-Time Low With Series Finale (TV Fanatic)
26-04-19 (17:42)   The 'Gotham' Finale Is a Perfect Ending to a Wonderfully Imperfect Show (Collider)
26-04-19 (11:57)   Watch Gotham Online: Season 5 Episode 12 (TV Fanatic)
26-04-19 (05:53)   Gotham fans and cast weigh in on bittersweet ending and long-awaited arrival of Batman (Syfy Wire)
26-04-19 (05:28)   Gotham's Series Finale Broke a Rule of Batman (TVGuide.com)
26-04-19 (04:26)   Gotham Season 5 Episode 12 Review: The Beginning... (TV Fanatic)
26-04-19 (03:14)   Gotham Series Finale Review (IGN.com)
26-04-19 (03:11)   Gotham Boss on the Batman-Centric Series Finale: 'It Means We Told the Story Properly' (TVGuide.com)
25-04-19 (22:24)   Gotham's five years summed up by the wildest moment from each season (Syfy Wire)
25-04-19 (20:00)   How Gotham Finally Got its Joker (IGN.com)
25-04-19 (01:42)   Gotham Series Finale Sneak Peek: Check Out Grown Up Catwoman in Action (TVGuide.com)
23-04-19 (20:14)   Gotham's Batsuit Is a 'Highlight Reel' of the Best Comics Designs (IGN.com)
23-04-19 (17:10)   Gotham Finale's Batman Suit Is A "Highlight Reel" Of The Dark Knight's Best Looks (GameSpot)
23-04-19 (15:43)   Gotham Series Finale Trailer: First Look at the New Selina Kyle (TV Fanatic)
23-04-19 (03:41)   GOTHAM: Witness The Rise Of The Dark Knight In An Epic New Series Finale Trailer (Comic Book Movie)
23-04-19 (01:28)   The Trailer for Gotham's Series Finale Is Here, With 100 Percent More Batman (TVGuide.com)
23-04-19 (00:41)   TV News Roundup: Amazon's 'Sneaky Pete' Releases Season 3 Trailer (Variety)
23-04-19 (00:10)   Gotham's Batman Suit Is A "Highlight Reel" Of The Dark Knight's Best Looks (GameSpot)
22-04-19 (22:24)   WIRE Buzz: Gotham finale paws new Catwoman; IT first look; more (Syfy Wire)
22-04-19 (20:42)   'Gotham': Lili Simmons to Take Over Catwoman Role from Camren Bicondova for Finale (Collider)
22-04-19 (17:38)   TV THIS WEEK: Gotham, The Orville and Supernatural finales; new Game of Thrones (Syfy Wire)
22-04-19 (15:12)   Gotham Recast Twist: Who Will Not Appear on the Series Finale? (TV Fanatic)
21-04-19 (19:11)   Gotham Actress Camren Bicondova Replaced Ahead of Series Finale (TVGuide.com)
20-04-19 (19:23)   Catwoman Will Be Played By a Different Actress in the Gotham Season Finale (Gizmodo)
20-04-19 (17:12)   GOTHAM: Jim Gordon Gets His Signature Mustache In New Photos From The Series Finale: "The Beginning..." (Comic Book Movie)
20-04-19 (07:07)   Gotham's end begins (Hotchka)
19-04-19 (17:53)   The Dark Knight rises in the final trailer for Gotham (Syfy Wire)
19-04-19 (17:12)   Gotham Series Finale Promo: Batman Suits Up! (TV Fanatic)
19-04-19 (11:57)   Watch Gotham Online: Season 5 Episode 11 (TV Fanatic)
19-04-19 (07:12)   Gotham Season 5 Episode 11 Review: They Did What? (TV Fanatic)
19-04-19 (04:27)   GOTHAM: Batman Speaks In The Promo For Next Week's Series Finale, "The Beginning" (Comic Book Movie)
19-04-19 (03:28)   Gotham Series Finale Trailer: Jeremiah Returns and Batman Finally Arrives! (TVGuide.com)
19-04-19 (03:14)   Here's How Gotham Sets Up Batman's Rise (IGN.com)
15-04-19 (19:14)   Gotham's Joker: Cameron Monaghan Reveals 2 New Photos (IGN.com)
14-04-19 (14:55)   Gotham Actor Plays Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order's Main Character (GameSpot)
13-04-19 (22:15)   Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's Protagonist Played by Gotham Star, Performance Capture Revealed (GamingBolt)
13-04-19 (21:27)   VIDEO GAMES: STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDER Officially Revealed With GOTHAM Star Cameron Monaghan As Lead (Comic Book Movie)
13-04-19 (20:55)   Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order's Main Character Played By Gotham, Shameless Actor (GameSpot)
09-04-19 (18:24)   Bane wields a bazooka and bad guys turn good in trailer for Gotham's final two episodes (Syfy Wire)
09-04-19 (00:42)   'Gotham' Final Episodes Trailer Features a Massive Battle and Bane With a Bazooka (Collider)
04-04-19 (18:16)   Who Will Ben McKenzie Be After Gotham is Over? (TVOvermind)
04-04-19 (15:40)   Disney Has Hopes for More Alien and Planet of the Apes After the Fox Merger (Gizmodo)
04-04-19 (06:56)   Joker Trailer - Joaquin Phoenix Is Driven Crazy in '80s Gotham City (Gadgets 360)
03-04-19 (18:24)   Joaquin Phoenix laughs at life in first trailer for Todd Phillips' Joker (Syfy Wire)
03-04-19 (16:43)   First trailer for Joker movie brings Joaquin Phoenix to Gotham (Digital Trends)
03-04-19 (04:53)   Birds of Prey's 'scrappier' Gotham and fully-powered Wonder Woman 1984 revealed at CinemaCon (Syfy Wire)
02-04-19 (20:55)   Gotham: Joker's Poster And Trailer Show His Final Evolution (GameSpot)
02-04-19 (20:24)   First poster for Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie asks us to 'put on a happy face' (Syfy Wire)
02-04-19 (01:53)   Gotham pretty much wins April Fools Day with first look at Joker in series finale (Syfy Wire)
02-04-19 (00:27)   GOTHAM Reveals A First Official Look At Cameron Monaghan's JOKER And He's Absolutely Terrifying (Comic Book Movie)
01-04-19 (23:54)   Gotham's True Joker Has Just Been Revealed and What the Fuck? (Gizmodo)
01-04-19 (23:43)   Gotham Reveals First Look at Cameron Monaghan's Joker (IGN.com)
01-04-19 (22:42)   New 'Gotham' Teaser Reveals Cameron Monaghan Going Full Joker (Collider)
01-04-19 (22:24)   Gotham teaser finally unveils the series' take on Joker (Polygon)
01-04-19 (21:57)   Get Your First Look at Jeremiah Going Full Joker in the Gotham Finale (TVGuide.com)
01-04-19 (21:41)   Gotham - Season 5 Ep. 12 "J" Teaser (GameSpot)
01-04-19 (21:41)   Joker's Gotham Poster And Trailer Show His Final Evolution (GameSpot)
29-03-19 (19:14)   Batman's Back in Gotham First Look (IGN.com)
29-03-19 (14:40)   Updates From Gotham, Morbius, and More (Gizmodo)
29-03-19 (00:53)   WIRE Buzz: Batman revealed in Gotham poster; Taika Waititi joins Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy (Syfy Wire)
28-03-19 (23:24)   New Gotham Poster Gives First Look At Batman - GameSpot Universe News Update (GameSpot)
28-03-19 (21:58)   GOTHAM: Our First Glimpse At BATMAN Is Finally Here On Poster For The Final Two Episodes (Comic Book Movie)
28-03-19 (20:10)   New Gotham Poster Gives First Look At Batman (GameSpot)
27-03-19 (21:26)   FOX Finale Dates: Gotham, 9-1-1, The Resident & More! (TV Fanatic)
27-03-19 (18:55)   One of Batman's most singular writers explains why women are so drawn to Gotham City (Polygon)
22-03-19 (15:53)   Bane rises, Gotham falls (Hotchka)
22-03-19 (15:12)   GOTHAM: Bruce Wayne Steps Up To Protect His City In The New Promo For Season 5, Episode 11: "They Did What?" (Comic Book Movie)
22-03-19 (10:57)   Watch Gotham Online: Season 5 Episode 10 (TV Fanatic)
22-03-19 (09:16)   Gotham Season 5 Episode 11 "They Did What?" Promo (Spoilers Guide)
22-03-19 (02:12)   Gotham Season 5 Episode 10 Review: I Am Bane (TV Fanatic)
21-03-19 (17:28)   Bane Is Coming for Babs in This Gotham Sneak Peek (TVGuide.com)
21-03-19 (10:45)   Gotham Season 5 Episode 10 "I Am Bane" Trailer + Promo + Photos + Guide + Sneak Peek (Spoilers Guide)
20-03-19 (23:30)   Why We Love Shane West as Bane on Gotham (TVOvermind)
20-03-19 (22:10)   20th Century Fox TV to Adapt Esi Edugyan Novel 'Washington Black' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
19-03-19 (14:58)   GOTHAM: First Look At Lili Simmons Suited Up As Catwoman In The Series Finale Leaks Online (Comic Book Movie)
18-03-19 (17:24)   TV THIS WEEK: Black Lightning finale, Bane comes to Gotham, Into the Badlands and more (Syfy Wire)
15-03-19 (17:55)   Cinematographer Captures Life of Artist 'Mapplethorpe' in Grimy Gotham (Variety)
14-03-19 (15:24)   WIRE Buzz: Star Wars Episode IX panel; Gotham Bane trailer; DS9 doc; more (Syfy Wire)
14-03-19 (15:23)   Titans Has Found Its Slade Wilson (Gizmodo)
14-03-19 (00:10)   Facebook Renews Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Red Table Talk,' Inks New Spotify Pact to Play Songs From User Profiles (Variety)
13-03-19 (20:30)   A Behind the Scenes Look at Scarface on Gotham (TVOvermind)
13-03-19 (19:10)   Gotham's Bane Is A "Different Spin" On The Iconic Character (GameSpot)
12-03-19 (17:53)   The turtles come to Gotham in first trailer for Batman vs. TMNT animated film (Syfy Wire)
12-03-19 (15:16)   How Gotham's Scarface Stays True to the Comics (TVOvermind)
11-03-19 (16:41)   GOTHAM: A First Look At The Season 5 Finale Batman Costume Has Seemingly Leaked Online (Comic Book Movie)
09-03-19 (03:24)   Gotham :: A life in the balance (Hotchka)
08-03-19 (11:57)   Watch Gotham Online: Season 5 Episode 9 (TV Fanatic)
08-03-19 (04:41)   GOTHAM's Reckoning Has Arrived In The New Promo & Photos From Season 5, Episode 10: "I Am Bane" (Comic Book Movie)
08-03-19 (03:12)   Gotham Season 5 Episode 9 Review: The Trial of Jim Gordon (TV Fanatic)
07-03-19 (00:24)   Jordyn Woods Interview With Jada Pinkett Smith on 'Red Table Talk' Sets Facebook Viewing Record (Variety)
06-03-19 (20:10)   Gotham's "Trial Of Jim Gordon" Is "A Nice Way To Say Goodbye" For Show's Star (GameSpot)
03-03-19 (03:24)   Gotham wastes an hour (Hotchka)
01-03-19 (15:40)   Jessica Chastain Teases a Bloody Good Time in It: Chapter 2 (Gizmodo)
01-03-19 (11:57)   Watch Gotham Online: Season 5 Episode 8 (TV Fanatic)
01-03-19 (07:02)   Gotham Season 5 Episode 9 "The Trial of Jim Gordon" Promo + Photos + Guide (Spoilers Guide)
01-03-19 (03:41)   GOTHAM: It's Bruce Wayne vs. Selina Kyle In The New Promo For Season 5, Episode 9: "The Trial of Jim Gordon" (Comic Book Movie)
01-03-19 (03:12)   Gotham Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Nothing's Shocking (TV Fanatic)
27-02-19 (20:41)   Gotham's Next Joker Evolution Is "Actually A Nightmare" (GameSpot)
23-02-19 (19:58)   GOTHAM: The Complete Fifth and Final Season & The Complete Series Blu-ray Box Set Details Released (Comic Book Movie)
22-02-19 (12:58)   GOTHAM: Here's How The Joker's Origin Story Played Out During Last Night's Episode (Comic Book Movie)
22-02-19 (11:43)   Watch Gotham Online: Season 5 Episode 7 (TV Fanatic)
22-02-19 (09:45)   Gotham Season 5 Episode 8 "Nothing's Shocking" Promo + Photos + Guide (Spoilers Guide)
22-02-19 (06:53)   Gotham comes full circle (Hotchka)
22-02-19 (03:41)   GOTHAM: The GCPD Is On Lockdown In The New Promo For Season 5, Episode 8: "Nothing's Shocking" (Comic Book Movie)
22-02-19 (03:12)   Gotham Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Ace Chemicals (TV Fanatic)
21-02-19 (17:16)   Gotham Season 5 Episode 7 "Ace Chemicals" Promos + Photos + Guide + Sneak Peek (Spoilers Guide)
20-02-19 (23:57)   Jeremiah Reunites Bruce with His Dead Parents in this Gotham Sneak Peek (TVGuide.com)
20-02-19 (21:12)   GOTHAM: Jim Gordon Has Been Shot In New Photos From Season 5, Episode 9: "The Trial of Jim Gordon" (Comic Book Movie)
20-02-19 (16:12)   GOTHAM: Meet Scarface & The Ventriloquist In New Photos From Season 5, Episode 8: "Nothing's Shocking" (Comic Book Movie)
19-02-19 (10:16)   Gotham Season 5 Spoilers: EP drops Oswald-Ed intel + Newly Released Guides (Spoilers Guide)
18-02-19 (11:12)   Leaked GOTHAM Series Finale Photos Reveal The Joker's Horrifying Future Final Look (Comic Book Movie)
16-02-19 (03:41)   GOTHAM: Prepare For An Iconic Showdown In Two New Trailers & Photos For Season 5, Episode 7: "Ace Chemicals" (Comic Book Movie)
15-02-19 (23:24)   Gotham finally reveals the Joker in new trailer as final season winds down (Syfy Wire)
15-02-19 (22:42)   Jeremiah Tortures Bruce with His Most Tragic Memory in New Gotham Trailer (TVGuide.com)
15-02-19 (19:12)   YOU Season 2 Nabs Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor (TV Fanatic)
15-02-19 (12:12)   Watch Gotham Online: Season 5 Episode 6 (TV Fanatic)
15-02-19 (03:12)   Gotham Season 5 Episode 6 Review: 13 Stitches (TV Fanatic)
14-02-19 (02:30)   Here's Why Gotham's Joker Isn't Really Dead (TVOvermind)
10-02-19 (22:07)   TCA 2019: Pennyworth will have Ian Fleming influence in a Britain no one remembers (Syfy Wire)
10-02-19 (21:30)   Five Possible Spinoff Shows From Gotham (TVOvermind)
08-02-19 (15:54)   A New Look at Avengers: Endgame Costumes Comes From an Unlikely Source (Gizmodo)
07-02-19 (19:53)   1960s-set Pennyworth series will find Batman's loyal butler fighting descendants of Jack the Ripper (Syfy Wire)
07-02-19 (11:58)   GOTHAM: Here's How David Mazouz Will Suit Up As The 6'4" Batman In The Series Finale (Comic Book Movie)
07-02-19 (02:40)   David Mazouz Will Become Batman Before Gotham Ends, But He Won't be the One in the Batsuit (Gizmodo)
07-02-19 (02:07)   Batman gets a heavy time-jump tease as Gotham 'family' talks series' end (Syfy Wire)

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